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  • 5 Steps To Elevate Your Self-Worth In 5 Days!

    by cmsamyan
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    • 5 Steps to Elevate Your Self-Worth in 5 Days! - $9.99

    Who doesn't need a self-esteem boost? In this free on-line course you will quickly learn 5 Steps that will take your self-worth to the next level and elevate your consciousness along with your vibration!

  • The Prescription For Joy!

    by cmsamyan
    29 Lessonsin
    • The Prescription For Joy! Get all 4 courses for just 99.00! - $99.00

    My emotional wellness courses were birthed out of my own healing journey over the last 20 years. I am not only a clincian, but a survivor of abuse, neglect and addiction. I know what works cause it worked for me. In order to have an abundant life, you must find healing in every area of your being, mind, body and spirit. Each of these courses have been designed to give you back what was lost and restore what was rightfully yours. Together they will free you to create the life you desire.