The Prescription For Joy! Get all 4 courses for just 99.00!


The Prescription For Joy! Full Version.



If you are ready to make the committment to become the best version of you, then take the next step right now! The Prescription For Joy includes all 4 courses, designed to help you navigate healing and recovery in a straight-forward, no-nonsense approach that is easy to understand and simple to appy.
In the 1st course, Breaking Free From Your Past, you will learn how to break free from your past, heal from shame and guilt, understand how to break vicious cycles of dysfunction and forgive yourself. The 2nd course, Unearth Your Worth, is all about self-esteem development and creating a strong foundation of self-worth that will provide you with the structure with which to begin transforming your world.
In the 3rd course, Reach Forgiveness, you will learn a process of forgiveness that is absolutely necessary to transcend out of a lower level consciousness into a higher level consciousness as unforgiveness is a primary barrier to spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological growth and healing.
And finally, in the 4th course, A New Chapter, you will develop the skills necessary to manifest the life you truly desire!
No more confusion, just follow the Prescription For Joy and you will find your way out of hell and into a life that brings you a renewed sense of purpose and meaning!

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